Sectors Agribusiness and natural resources

Australia’s agricultural industries continue to evolve in response to renewed interest in the sector as well as the opportunities and challenges associated with meeting the market, community expectations and managing the natural resource base.

Over the past two decades ACIL Allen has worked with decision makers to develop better public policies and sound commercial strategies that are central to the sector’s enduring prosperity and management of our natural resources.

Our approach is based on developing a clear appreciation of the systems and structures that drive the sector-resource base and how they specifically apply to each agricultural, fishing and forestry industry, region, policy, institution or business under consideration. From this we use rigorous analysis and collaborative design to ensure the options are properly considered to develop fit for purpose solutions that are evidence based and fit for purpose.

We understand the imperative of developing good agricultural, innovation, biosecurity, water, NRM and environmental policy, and the potential impact of poor legislation and implementation. We also understand the difficulty of working with insufficient data, risks and uncertainty and conflicting stakeholder views which are often encountered in complex areas such as agriculture and the natural environment. This experience in significant emerging policy areas is a valuable resource to both the government and private sectors.

How ACIL Allen can help you

Our consultants provide economic, policy, facilitation, strategy and business case advice to the agriculture, fisheries and forestry sectors and natural resource managers.

We have worked with most major agribusiness corporations, industry bodies and government departments. That experience has given us an unrivalled understanding of the operations of agricultural and related markets within Australia and globally.

We have provided analysis on agricultural systems, supply chains, marketing strategy, State and Federal policy, and international competitiveness. We are active in aspects of the agricultural policy including the levy system, research and development corporations, competition policy, economic contribution studies, cost-benefit analysis, alternative markets and investment frameworks, finance models, and capital markets.

We have reviewed and assisted in developing numerous rural R&D strategies, organisations and systems. We have conducted multiple performance reviews for the R&D sector covering the key areas of strategy setting, stakeholder consultation, and corporate governance and organisational reviews.

We have also conducted numerous reviews of the general rural outlook, specific industries, program evaluations and investment appraisals including business cases and due diligence work.

We have experience in dealing with water economics, wastewater resource strategies, natural resource management and associated planning and pricing to produce sustainable water and natural resource management solutions. We have provided economic advice, policy analysis, program evaluations and strategies for corporate and government clients looking at water resources management, climate change, natural resource management and the environment.

We have experience in the following areas: